Brandvein & Co., P.C. was hired to perform a forensic analysis of the largest disputed conservatorship in the state of Missouri. The wife was dissipating the multimillion-dollar estate, and was spending $50,000 a month at Neiman Marcus. Our client was awarded everything requested from the court.

Forensic search of assets located 30,000 shares of stock worth $1,800,000 not reflected on husband’s statement of assets. This was determined to be marital property.

Entrepreneur killed in boating accident. Insurance company offered $50,000. After our deposition and calculation of lost profits, wages and damages, the parties settled for $1,850,000.

Represented Ford Motor Company in defense of $450,000 supplier suit for supplies provided. Our in-depth analysis determined the supplier over charged Ford by more than $500,000.

Represented several insurance companies in determination of proof of claim losses. In one situation, we were able to determine errors and omissions by the bank as well as by the CPA firm. Our analysis and calculations allowed the insurance company to recover $875,000.

Lost profits from a fire. Our client sought $600,000. We calculated 0 loss. We settled for $300,000 as a result of our alternative approach.

Valuation from sale of business. We helped negotiate the terms that enabled our client to receive an extra $100,000 and a bonus earn out.

Represented company on the verge of bankruptcy which owed $460,000 to the IRS for payroll and income taxes plus interest and penalties. Negotiated a settlement for $95,000. Company has expanded to over 1200 employees and opened an operation in Puerto Rico.

Represented wife to value husband’s interest in family company, valued at $50,000. Our value was $300,000 based on limited information. Our updated value was $942,000. Settled for $922,000.

Great Grandson received trust corpus which he maintained as a separate property. Our in-depth forensic search determined commingling. Our client received in excess $2,000,000, Aspen home and $200,000 for costs.

Our client was sued for $5,500,000 for tortuous interference. We calculated damages at $40,000. Jury arrived at a defendant’s verdict with no cost to client.

Dissident minority shareholder suit. Majority shareholders used corporation as personal pocketbook and claimed it was worthless. Our client settled for $750,000.

Represented the City of Houston Texas in construction overrun of their Water Treatment Plant.

Represented McDonald’s restaurant in slip and fall claim that was settled for minimum amount.

Plaintiff sought $560,000 for flood insurance loss. We calculated $50,000. St. Louis City jury awarded $100,000.

Plaintiff sought $350,000 for land value rights lost by insurance agent’s inactions. We calculated $ 0. The parties settled for $60,000.