“Based on my experiences with Mr. Brandvein, I believe that his work is of the highest quality. He conducts himself in a very professional manner, and he is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced. Furthermore, he carefully analyzes the facts and issues and is always well prepared.”

“As a consultant, I found Mr. Brandvein to be extremely thorough and always responsive to last minute needs and adjustments…I relied extensively on his assistance in preparing for the deposition of the plaintiff’s accountant and expert witness. On cross-examination, he demonstrated a great deal of poise, and the plaintiff’s attorney was unable to effectively discredit any portion of his testimony.”

“Mr. John Brandvein is an impeccable source of expert opinion and testimony for clients and their counsel…he is refreshingly different from (his peers), is a quick study in preparation for trial, and he exudes confidence on the witness stand. He is crisp and credible on cross-examination – the true test of an expert – and does not allow opposing counsel to whittle away his conclusions and assertions. As a direct result of his testimony, we were able to obtain favorable results.”

“John’s advice has been the kind of information that has helped me to decide what I should do and what direction I should go…he has a track record on litigation support. He knows what to expect and how to roll with the ever changing tide of litigation issues.”

“…I have been very impressed by Mr. Brandvein’s abilities to both comprehend and identify legal-accounting issues, and by his comprehensive, thorough and methodical approach to problem-solving and trial preparation… he is remarkably capable of placing particular accounting issues and analysis in the context of the case as a whole.”

“…I was quite impressed with Mr. Brandvein’s preparation and persuasive presentation of his expert opinion in the case. By the end of his deposition, I had concluded that he would be a formidable opposing witness at trial…Since then, I have recommended Mr. Brandvein to other attorneys who are in need of expert consultants or witnesses.”

“He has always responded to my litigation needs promptly and courteously. He enjoys the courtroom and makes an excellent witness…ln a recent case where he was an expert, the trial judge adopted verbatim a substantial portion of John’s testimony.”

“Mr. Brandvein and his associates proved to be thorough in their preparation, helpful in formulating strategy, and good team players. They responded quickly to our needs and have been very helpful in developing additional alternatives. Their prepared exhibits were understandable.”

“Despite days of questioning, Mr. Brandvein was unmoved and his financial projections withstood scrutiny …I have the utmost respect for his professional capabilities …More important, when faced with a task he displays a tenacity that inspires those working with him.”

“John’s reputation in the St. Louis area and, indeed, in the region, is well-established in the litigation support field…(he) can provide experienced counsel and has proven that he can make a difference in the outcome of complex business litigation as a result of his insight and expertise.”

“(Despite being on opposing sides), I was greatly impressed with his skill and competency as an accountant, as well as by his considerable business acumen. (After later engaging his services for one of my clients), I found he performed his services in a thoroughly professional and competent manner. His contribution to the case was invaluable in arriving at a successful conclusion to the litigation.”

“In the several cases in which John has assisted me, he has proven himself to be determined and tireless in pursuing the task that I have set out for him. I have found that John is creative in the best possible sense. He brings items to the table that are both interesting and practical …I can tell you without qualification that you will not locate a better testifying expert.”

“In my opinion, Mr. Brandvein completely destroyed the opposing expert witness’s credibility with detailed facts, testimony and his professional demeanor.”

“I met Mr. John Brandvein in 1987 when he (represented the opposing side). During this case, I had the opportunity to depose him for over 20 hours. Impressed with his breadth of knowledge and professional expertise, I retained his serves on the next case that called for his services. Since that time, we have used his litigation support for domestic dissolutions and on occasion before the National Association of Securities Dealers Arbitrations.”

“(John and his colleagues) share a deep insight into the jury persuasion process which qualifies them uniquely for a broad range of litigation-support tasks. Not only are they outstanding in court as witnesses, they can assist you with design of trial exhibits and visual aids which exude credibility. They are able to absorb major amounts of documentation for quick reference in convincing citation during trial…) will emphasize their flexibility and responsiveness to the many unforeseen contingencies which are certain to arise in any major litigation.”

“Mr. Brandvein launched into the project doing a very thorough expert analysis. In fact, not only did his work prove that my client did not owe the plaintiff any money, but the analysis also gave us the basis for a counterclaim against the plaintiff. Eventually, due in large part to the excellent thorough work performed by Mr. Brandvein, the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed its case. Obviously, he is an excellent hardworking CPA, and we would recommend him for use in other matters.”